Brian Griese

You may know of Brian Griese as a former NFL quarterback. Or you might know him now from the work he does at ESPN calling games as an analyst on Monday Night Football. Brian’s dad, Bob also played in the NFL. Yet his biggest impact took place off the field. Brian lost his mother, Judi to cancer when he was 12 years old. He took the pain from losing his mom at an early age to help others who have experienced loss in their lives. Brian and his wife, Dr. Brook Griese, a clinical psychologist specializing in childhood trauma and loss, founded Judi’s House. Judi was name of Brian’s mother. I spoke with Brian today on my Art of Fatherhood podcast series to talk about being a dad, his time in the NFL and calling games for ESPN. We also had the chance to talk about how he and his wife started Judi’s House. Brian shared all of the emotions he was feeling at 12 years old when his mother passed away. He didn’t know who he could to talk to. Talking about the loss of his mother with his dad was tough. His father didn’t like talking about it with Brian since it caused sadness in both of their lives.